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We work with clients to understand your business, develop a strategic plan to prepare them for the current scenario as well as for the future (scenario planning exercises). We build partnerships for UK based universities and create opportunities of research and industry collaboration which will enhance their brand and reach within India as well. We also offer digital training on AI, ML & Big Data to upskill student community.

Technology Consulting


We advise organizations on their Digital Transformation Strategy and Growth Strategy in a digital-first world. We have a broad range of consultants to enable our clients to deliver within the digital technology economy which requires digital talent and skills. By combining deep business and industry insight with digital innovation, our diverse teams of creative, industry and technology professionals help companies accelerate the successful impact digital can have. Our capabilities and solutions enable client organizations to harness the power of data to influence the business model and seize the opportunities of today’s digital economy. To capitalize on opportunities in this fast-moving, global market, ScotsHunt’s qualified consultants can provide cutting edge solutions in areas such as AI, IOT, Blockchain and Cloud. Our services include end to end Data and Analytics solutions covering Data Strategy, Data Integration and Management for traditional and Big Data, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, Data Quality, Data Governance and Machine learning solutions and Customer Relationship Management.



Through the development of partnerships, ScotsHunt enables the Scottish higher education sector to be significant in their international development work to achieve excellence. We will provide career support (Job placements/internships/Projects) for Indian students studying in Scotland. These are focused towards for India although there is a likelihood to create value for students in the Projects and Internships anywhere in the world. ScotsHunt has expertise in enabling overseas academic partners to come together with Scottish or UK universities as strategic partners thereby delivering globally appropriate education in the local market. We connect UK and Indian universities at department, faculty, researcher and student levels, enabling the exchange of ideas, and catalyzing collaborations. We also explore and bridge partnerships between industry and university in the areas of cutting-edge research. The form of these strategic relationships varies depending on the educational impact required. However, most often the strategic intent is to support growth of the nation and national economic development through highly effective tertiary education. Based on the mandate requirements, we offer the institutions a bevy of services which showcase the best of Scottish higher education. We build partnerships for UK based universities to enhance their brand and reach within India as well. We play a key role in ensuring a collaborative approach by universities and other key stakeholders in international marketing and attracting international students. Most importantly, we are passionate about connecting with young Indians to show them what contemporary Scotland has to offer and, in doing so, open equivalent opportunities for Scottish students. Scotland has a global reputation for high quality education across all ages and stages. Scotland’s education and research expertise makes ScotsHunt ideal partner for India, whether focused on social enterprise, higher education, community learning, school (through the Curriculum for Excellence) or early years.

Our services include:

  • ScotsHunt - A digital platform to facilitate job/project/internship placements for Indian students studying in Scotland: Please visit the below link: http://www.scotshunt.com/apply
  • University - University Partnership - Faculty & Student Exchange for Knowledge Transfer
  • University - Industry Collaboration - Research, New product Development & Incubation
  • ScotsGrad (our sister company) – Provide education counselling and assist students for admission into Scottish Universities: http://www.scotsgrad.com/

ScotsHunt conducts the below excerise for university collaboration excerise:

  1. An initial scoping and feasibility assessment
  2. Introduction to potentially interested strategic partners
  3. Strategic partnership plan approach
  4. Support in execution of strategic partnership plan objectivesPost strategic plan contract signature support
  5. Post strategic plan contract signature support

Digital Skill Training – AI, ML & Big Data


Industry is in the middle of a massive disruption. Demand is increasing rapidly for emerging technologies like Big Data Analytics, AI/ML, Cybersecurity, IoT and Robotics. Skilling has been a priority for organizations in the industry, to adapt to the digitally transforming operations. Our Goal is to help student community to adapt to new emerging technologies and increase their employability opportunities. ScotsHunt follows a full-stack approach to learning through a combination of immersive content, regulated assessments, and dedicated mentoring, all on its cutting-edge digital training methodology. We offer customized training programs in AI \ ML, Big Data and Robotics. ScotsHunt is not just a training provider, but a longterm transformation partner who invests in students’ growth. Our programs have adopted case study approach to enable students secure real time project experience.

Import Export Facilitation & Collaboration


With our experience in management consulting, ScotsHunt consultants can offer high quality consultations to create a marketplace for Scotland Start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Asian markets across different verticals. We can help fill the gaps in knowledge, provide a better understanding of the market and assist with strategy development activities, as well as anticipating and preparing for the opportunities and risks involved in entering a new market (both inward and outward) for Scotland.

What we are good at?

  1. Find areas of potential collaborations, provide unique insights into disruptive trends and innovation and make meaningful connections
  2. Develop Scottish Companies brand in Asia to facilitate the increase in Scottish exports.
  3. Identify opportunities for Asia based companies to create inward investments in Scotland.
  4. Advising Scottish SME’s with significant export potential on entering Asian markets, finding suitable buyers.
  5. Supporting business growth by identifying suitable trade opportunities between Asia & Scotland.
  6. Engage with new customers in Asia & Scotland around specific business opportunities or challenges.
  7. Providing guidance on planning, knowledge and skills

Our Scope of work:

  • Mapping internal capabilities to market opportunities
  • Demand forecasting and channel analysis
  • Prioritization of potential market opportunities
  • Business case development
  • Partner identification and selection
  • Evaluation of growth and synergy potential