By Heather Brooke

ISBN-10: 0099538083

ISBN-13: 9780099538080

On the centre sits the institution: governments, businesses and strong people who have extra wisdom approximately us, and extra strength, than ever prior to. Circling them is a brand new iteration of hackers, pro-democracy campaigners and web activists who not settle for that the institution may still run the show.

Award-winning journalist and campaigner Heather Brooke takes us contained in the info struggle and explores the main pressing questions of the electronic age: the place is the stability among freedom and defense? In a web international, does privateness nonetheless exist? and may the net empower members, or bring in a brand new age of censorship, surveillance and oppression?

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57), [EcoProd06] “Productive efficiency occurs when an economy cannot produce more of one good without producing less of another good; this implies that the economy is on its production-possibility frontier” ([Samuelson 2005], p. 13), [EcoProd07] Economic analysis is based on total costs (represents the lowest total dollar expense needed to produce each level of output) that summarizes the fixed costs (represents the total dollar expense that is paid out even when no output is produced) and the variable costs (represents expenses that vary with the level of output and include all costs that are not fixed” ([Samuelson 2005], p.

The word "E-Economy" refers to the “behavior of economic agents and citizens resulting from the possibilities offered by the […] development and reduction in price of ICT1 and, in particular, from the development of the Internet” (EC 2001, p. 4). Especially the price reduction of ICT has led to progress in opening up markets and facilitating structural reforms. The term e-business (electronic business) summarizes a variety of electronic business models and technologies. Laudon’s Gallery of Electronic Business summarizes electronic business functions and their related information systems.

72), [EcoMic16] “The theory of efficient markets holds that market prices contain all available information. It is not possible to make profits by acting on old information or at patterns of past price changes. Returns on stocks will be primarily determined by their riskiness relative to the market” ([Samuelson 2005], p. 525), [EcoMic17] “Markets do not necessarily produce a fair distribution of income. A market economy may produce inequalities in income and consumption that are not acceptable to the electorate” ([Samuelson 2005], p.

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