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Chloure chose not to mention this. Only the 674-XU28 was relatively unaffected, positioning itself to have a clear shot at the star fort and using its own jamming systems to counter the disruptive electromagnetic waves. Unfortunately its primary armament was currently under Soul Drinker control several thousand kilometres dis-tant, and it had little more than defensive turret fire to boast in the way of firepower. The tech-priests on board the 674-XU28 noted the puzzling fact that the defences on the star fort were powering down.

Two scout craft on routine patrol from the Deacon became hopelessly lost as their unprotected servitor-guidance and comms failed com-pletely. Several hours later they finally ran out of fuel and their crews froze to death. The Deacon was quicker to respond to the sudden attack, firing several fragmentation torpedoes into the mass of inter-ference discharge. The warheads malfunctioned as soon as they entered the electromagnetic fields and detonated piece-meal, adding more wreckage to the mess. On the bridge of the Diligent, massive electrical feedback tore through the command systems and sent sheets of flame rippling up from the navigational consoles.

The 674-XU28's machine-spirit spoke to the platform, which breathed atmosphere in the cargo feed so the Sixers could fight there without fear of vacuum-death. As long as they fought on this platform, the Sixers knew the very battlefield was on their side. The loader shaft the enemy was entering through emptied into the throat of an ammo shifter, all huge blocks of brashed-steel machinery chased with bronze icons and inscribed machine-prayers. The great cogs beyond would move and the machinery would form a great swallowing gul-let, dragging shells down to be slammed into the Geryon's breech.

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