By Jack L. Chalker

ISBN-10: 0727840126

ISBN-13: 9780727840127

Fearing that his break out from the lethal felony planet Melchior were engineered via his arch-enemy, Lazlo Chen, Hawks and his fellow prisoners search shelter in the middle of pirate territory.

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Perhaps, but I will wager that Clayben had that ship of his outfitted as a fully equipped fast escape ship from the planning stages on. The fact that all data from the Melchior master computers was automatically transmitted to it in encoded form shows that. I’ll wager that aboard that thing he has a small transmuter and a state-of-the-art mindprinter. Possibly even a psychogenetics minilab. That ship, I will wager, is a one- or two-person Melchior in miniature. ” 3. AN ISLAND IN THE WILDERNESS SHE WAS SHEER POWER, ABLE TO SEE in many directions at once, to have all things background monitored and brought to her notice, if need be.

Think about the story,” Hawks urged them. “Master System is incredibly powerful, but it is a computer. A computer designed by humans. All this, all this subjugation of humanity, the reduction of Earth to primitivism, the diaspora that scattered and somewhat dehumanized the vast bulk of humanity, all was simply an interpretation by that computer of its creators’ command. Think about that. Command. It was commanded to find a way so that humanity could never destroy itself completely. It was commanded to find a way so humanity could never use its terrible weapons of mass destruction nor spread them.

We could put you in a transmuter, reduce you to energy, then beam that energy to a receiving transmuter along with that pattern. You would then be converted back into yourself. ” “Space travel without spaceships,” Hawks commented. ” “But very limited. First, there must be a matching transmuter at the destination. Second, the signal must be very powerful to retain its full consistency from station to station, which limits its range. Third, it is strictly line of sight, and conditions must be perfect.

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Pirates of the Thunder by Jack L. Chalker

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