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164-209. 5. It should however be added that Montesquieu's work could not expect to receive any official authorisation to print, nor indeed did it seek any. 6. 7 September 1716; cited in R. Laufer, Lesage ou le metier de romancier (Paris: Gallimard, 1971), pp. 125-6. 7. A. , 1967), p. 36. After 1737, however, the situation began to deteriorate, especially with the proscription laid upon novels by the government (see below, p. 100). 8. L'Ancien Regime, Vol. I, La Societe (Paris: Colin, 1969), p. 6.

Gusdorf, Les Principes de la pensee au siecle des lumieres (Paris: Payot, 1971), pp. 17&-7. Beyond the sophisticated world, however, the manifestations of electricity could still be highly disturbing. An aristocrat in Saint-Omer erected a sword on his house as a lightning conductor in 1783; the populace saw the action as blasphemous and the imprudent experimenter was saved from trouble only through the eloquence of a young lawyer from Arras - Maximilien de Robespierre (A. d. [1962]), p. 32. See Gusdorf's chapters 'Le Modele newtonien' and 'La Generalisation du paradigme newtonien', in Les Principes de la pensee, pp.

The system worked particularly in favour of a small number of wealthy booksellers in Paris; 24 the provincial booksellers were powerless against them and often resorted to counterfeiting in order to make a living. Malesherbes, the outstanding Directeur de la librairie of the century, tried during his years in office ( 1750-63) to help the latter in their fight against this restrictive monopoly, but he did not undertake any far-reaching reforms, probably because he knew that hopes of success along those lines were minimal.

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