By Frank Herbert

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Earth has turn into a library planet for millions of years, a bastion of either precious and lifeless knowledge—esoterica of all kinds, heritage, technology, politics—gathered through groups of “pack rats” who scour the galaxy for any scrap of data. wisdom is strength, wisdom is wealth, and data could be a weapon. As strong dictators come and move over the process background, the cadre of devoted librarians is sworn to obey the lawful govt . . . and use their wits to guard the treasure trove of data they've got amassed over the millennia.Short Novel

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He knelt and gently helped SilChan remove the crash harness. The man's hands were rough and there was unexpected strength in his arms. He smelled of some odd spice. Sil-Chan winced as the straps were eased over his left shoulder. "Bit of a bruise there," the man said. "Doesn't feel like anything's broken. " "They're fine. Get me out of this stupid . " "Easy there. " The man gentled Sil-Chan out the door and onto the grassy ground, helped Sil-Chan to sit up. There was an acrid fuel smell mixed with the odors of crushed grass.

He sent us in from Big North Cape to greet you and didn't give us enough help. " "There was the hunt," David said. He spoke without turning. " she flared. " She turned to SilChan. "David has to do all the official work that the PN doesn't want to do. The PN made me come because I wouldn't take the trothing. " Sil-Chan shook his head. What were they talking about? " "He's from far mainland," David said. " David slowed his pace and walked beside Hepzebah, speaking across her to explain. "Hep wouldn't accept the mate the brothers picked for her.

Sil-Chan asked. "It must be monstrous. Why the . " He broke off and shook his head. The Computer said: "Does Sil-Chan wish a psychological explanation, or one derived from probabilities based on the physical limits of . " Sil-Chan asked. The Computer said: "The island is occupied by Clan Dornbaker and related groups -Coogans, Atvards . " "There is even a Tchung branch on the island," the Director said. Sil-Chan chewed his lips. How much did the Director really know? " the Computer asked. " Sil-Chan asked.

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