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Bounding is a high-intensity exercise and should not be performed unless an athlete has developed effective strength, stretch-shortening cycle ability, and technical capacity for plyometric-based exercises. ■ 43 44 ■ Developing Speed Single-Leg Hop Aim To develop leg power while pushing off from the supporting leg and to develop power during the landing and push-off sequence. Action The athlete hops on one leg for a given distance, focusing on the height and distance of each hop. During a single-leg hop, the base leg is overloaded, which emphasizes the power in pushing off from that leg.

A Position for top of hop. b Landing position. Technical Development of Linear Speed Ankling Aim To develop elastic strength and general strength in the muscles acting on the ankle. Action The athlete stands upright then moves forward by alternately flexing and extending the ankle joints. The athlete uses very short steps at a fast cadence, emphasizing brief but explosive contact on the ball of the foot. Throughout the exercise, the hips are high and the knee is nearly extended so that the stress is placed on the muscles acting on the ankle.

The ideal position depends on the specific requirements of the subsequent action and the specific sport. ■ 29 30 ■ Developing Speed A simple method to reinforce INCORRECT TECHNIQUE this concept is to attempt countermovement vertical jumps from several depths. Attempting a vertical jump from a very shallow dip motion, an extremely deep motion, and then finally from a depth that the athlete feels will illicit the greatest height can help develop this concept. In most athletes, the depth that achieves the greatest jump height is an intermediate dip somewhere between very shallow (minimizing muscle length changes and maximizing speed) and extremely deep (maximizing muscle length changes but reducing speed).

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