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Функциональный тренинг представляет собой полную систему спортивного развития, которая фокусируется на тренировке тела, как оно будет использоваться в соревнованиях и играх, на том что делает его эффективным и действенным. Через функциональный тренинг, вы можете улучшить ваш атлетизм, свою эффективность, а главное снизить травматизм используя систему прогрессии упражнений.

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FfIdentifying strengths and weaknesses. By determining which changeof-direction factors and perceptual and decision-making skills need improvement, the coach can make better choices about which drills should take priority in the athlete’s training program. Further, periodic testing may give athletes, coaches, and trainers valuable information as to how effective an implemented training program has been. ffComparing athletes’ performance levels. Collecting testing data can help athletes gain a better understanding of how their performance levels compare with those of others.

It tests proper body positions and mechanics and measures the ability to start, accelerate, and decelerate. 1 m). Procedure The athlete begins facing the middle cone (cone 1) and puts one hand on the ground to assume a three-point stance. On command, the athlete turns to the right and runs 5 yards to cone 2, then touches the ground next to it with the right hand. The athlete then turns and sprints 10 yards to cone 3, then touches the ground next to it with the left hand. Finally, the athlete turns and finishes by sprinting back to and through the starting area (cone 1).

These help produce force and speed of movement. In order to make certain that they are fully turning their hips and generating maximal power, athletes should imagine that they have a camera at their navel. They should point the lens of the camera to take a picture of the direction they wish to go. Another cue for proper arm mechanics is to drive the lead elbow back in the direction of the planting foot to rotate the upper body and assist with core rotation. This action also helps athletes get into proper running form more efficiently.

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