By James H. Fetzer (auth.), James H. Fetzer, David Shatz, George N. Schlesinger (eds.)

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In reply to this difficulty it might be held that to say that it is necessarily true that all bachelors are unmarried is merely a way of saying that the word "bachelor" means an unmarried man. Talk of necessary truth is a misleading way of talking about the meaning of words. That it is not necessary that the word "bachelor" means an unmarried male would then merely reflect the fact that what is necessary is not necessarily necessary. If it were to cease to be the case that the word "bachelor" means an unmarried male then it would cease to be the case that it is necessary that a bachelor is an unmarried male.

There is no possibility that expressions of a language might have denoted something other than what they do denote; or that the sentences of a language might have had different truth conditions. Any variation in semantic properties (across worlds) is a variation in languages. Thus semantic properties aren't contingent on anything, let alone speaker behavior. [Soames (1984), p. 425] While this IS m terms of denotation and "truth conditions" rather than sense, it is essentially the idea that, at least for a language taken as an "abstract object", the nominal definition of a term of language L defines the term as a term of L so that the property expressed by the term as a term of L is necessarily expressed by that term as a term of L.

To avoid indirect quotation and speak instead of words of Hegel's which translate into English as "The Absolute is the World Process" is tedious. The ideal of the form of speech, indirect quotation, is regularly ignored for the sake of convenience. "For the sake of convenience" is oversimple. People do not ignore the ideal purpose of indirect quotation so much as they fail to be aware of it. It is difficult to be a spokesman for this ideal in an environment in which people are conditioned to reject it without ever understanding it.

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Definitions and Definability: Philosophical Perspectives by James H. Fetzer (auth.), James H. Fetzer, David Shatz, George N. Schlesinger (eds.)

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