By R.L. Stine

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ISBN-13: 9780064409032

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You carry on your hand the major to a shadow global of shivers and screams. Take a step clear of the secure, cozy global you recognize. free up the door to terror. there is continually room for another in...The Nightmare Room.That's Alex Smith speeding previous you, hurrying domestic to try his magazine. Why? simply because Alex hasn't ever written a be aware in his magazine, yet the day gone by, a mysterious access seemed in te book--one that instructed Alex concerning the destiny. Alex cannot wait to learn the magazine this night to determine if there is whatever new within. Too undesirable he does not discover that be establishing that e-book, he is establishing the door to...The Nightmare Room.What will you discover within the Nightmare Room subsequent time? try out e-book 6: They name Me Creature.

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