By Douglas Hill

ISBN-10: 0330266527

ISBN-13: 9780330266529

Keill Randor, the final survivor of the Legionaries of Moros, crashlands on Rilyn, an empty international scoured each 30 years through the galactic Starwind. There he faces the Deathwing, while a howling wind rises which could smash them all. this is often the 3rd publication within the "Last Legionary" sequence.

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And you're the boss here, from the Deathwing,' Keill said, striving to make the muscles of his mouth move properly. A broad golden hand moved as if brushing the word aside. 'I am aware that you know that name. ' Keill was silent a moment, remembering. In his most recent clash with a Deathwing agent, on the Cluster near the planet Veynaa, his enemy had been surprised that Keill knew anything at all about the Deathwing. It was inevitable that the facts of Keill's knowledge – of his very existence – would have been relayed back to the Deathwing leader, who was never called anything but The One.

He had no idea how near it had come – or how many others were gathering... And then, around the tunnel's curve, his unbelieving eyes. saw a taint gleam of light. Not from behind him, where the pursuing clone might be. From ahead. And a dull, reddish light, not the yellow glow of flame. As he moved closer the shape of the tunnel regained vague form in the blackness. Rapidly he covered the remaining metres, until he reached the source of the reddish light. The realisation was crushing. The tunnel had opened out, into a broad and high-roofed cavern.

Unconscious for a whole day? Frustration and anger swept through Keill, and he sought to lunge up from the bed. But the gluey feeling held him. His body moved only slightly, in a terrible slow motion, and pain lanced through his stiff and aching muscles. He sagged back, fighting down rage and desperation, gathering his thoughts – and finding that not all the thoughts were his own. Glr's inner voice held equal mixtures of relief and anxiety. I feared you might be in coma. What is happening to you?

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