By A. S. Povarennykh

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Ba0 12 BaO. Mn2+0. Fe2+O. Fe2+04 Ni2+0. Cu 2+O. CU 2 +04 ZnO. Zn04 Pb 2+O. Pb 2+O. 32 IElementandl coordination [B04! [BOa! AIO. AI04 SeO. YO s YO. La(ls Ce +-0 12 Ce3+O. Ces-:-O. va+o. Cra+O. Mna+O. Fe3+O. Fea+o~ A,3+0a Sb 3 +03 Bia+o. [COaJ SiO. [Si04J [Ge04! SnO. PbO. TiO. 52 IElement and\ coordination ZrOs ZrO. Mn4+0. Th0 12 ThO s U4+0s [Se4+Oa! [Te4+Oa! [NOa! [P04! [As04! [VO,! SbO. NbO. [Nb04! TaO. [Ta04! [ Os! [S04J [Se04J [Cr04J [Mo0 4 J [\V04J MoO. WOo UO. 65 • Square brackets enclose forms of oxygen coordination encountered as radicals in minerals.

Similarly, the greater remoteness of Ti from the 4-6 boundary (relative to Mg, AI, Fe, and Gel means that the former is the last to take up a CN of 4 (in spite of the Ti: 0 ratio of the radii). This is completely confirmed by the structures of minerals, in which fourfold coordination of Ti has not yet been certainly demonstrated. The above equation is a partial relation of CN to d and C, which is dependent on thermodynamic conditions; to explain the effects of other cations in the structure on the CN of a given species requires us to compare the relative bond strengths in the coordination polyhedra.

2 " / //. ". 8006 / e,,- " 6 GeS·o/ / / / / / T10a / / / ... ". ". / SIO. 1/ / d " / eOJ /80 ~/ 0 • 60 / o / 100 £" " / / MqTe","" CdSe. ". CuO, / /8aO. ", ><. 0 A Fig. 3. Relation of CN to d and C for binary compounds. The relation of the valencies determines the valency type of the compound, which corresponds to a certain structure type if the interatomic distances are appropriate. A change in the valency of one of the atoms in a binary compound radically alters the entire structure; compare MgO and Mg(OH)2, CaO and CaF 2, Al 20 3 and AlCl 3, etc.

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