By Paul Collins

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Core Fitness presents the newest leading edge education regime with its step forward 'Cavity dependent education strategy' and Core-in-Motion process (CIMM) added in a 4 section development for assisting you in attaining top point health

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2009 11:16 Uhr Seite 28 28 CORE FITNESS 3. Dynamic Mobility The next phase of dynamic mobility involves performing a series dynamic stretches briefly for the hip, lower back and leg regions to assist towards ensuring optimal range of motion is achieved. These dynamic mobility drills are performed after a further 5-10 minute moderate intensity warmup period, such as performing a series 40-60-meter run-throughs at 60-85% of maximum sprint speed with fast walk or jog back recovery to increase heart rate and body temperature.

Equipment required • 25 meter area or straight line. • Dry, flat grassy area or sprung wooden floor. • Markers, stop watch and coach assistant. • Appropriate sporting footwear for proper grip and stability. 11 Flying Start Single Leg Hop 20 meters Instruction • The athlete starts 5 meters behind the starting line. • Using a jogging run up, the athlete starts hopping on the left leg from the first marker. • The time taken to hop 20 meters between the two markers is recorded. • Rest 3 minutes and then repeat the test by hopping on the right leg.

TFL Roll The tensor fasciae latae (TFL) is a muscle that runs from the hip to the top of the pelvis. To release this small area, lie on your side so that the foam roller is placed just above the hip joint – just above the bony part of the hip and below the pelvis. Movements are small in nature. Slightly vary your angle lying on top of roller to target this area. 8. Glute Roll Sit on foam roller on one side, resting on glute area with one leg crossed over the other – supported by hands behind the body.

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