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Download e-book for kindle: Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

Delete appears on the remarkable phenomenon of excellent remembering within the electronic age, and divulges why we needs to reintroduce our capability to put out of your mind. electronic expertise empowers us as by no means earlier than, but it has unexpected results in addition. very likely humiliating content material on fb is enshrined in our on-line world for destiny employers to determine.

We-Think: Mass Innovation, Not Mass Production (2nd Edition) by Charles Leadbeater PDF

Society isn't any longer in keeping with mass intake yet on mass participation. New kinds of collaboration – corresponding to Wikipedia and YouTube – are paving the best way for an age during which humans are looking to be gamers, instead of mere spectators, within the construction approach

New PDF release: Corporations' use of the Internet in developing countries,

This examine makes use of a survey strategy to discover company web use in constructing international locations. The survey contains either production and fiscal businesses and gives an enticing photo of the way enterprises within the constructing international are commencing to make the most of this new expertise in methods commonly just like businesses in additional industrialized international locations.

Internet und Regimetyp: Netzpolitik und politische - download pdf or read online

Sebastian Stier führt bislang isolierte Literaturen der politik- und kommunikationswissenschaftlichen Internetforschung zusammen und untersucht empirisch, inwiefern Autokratien in ihrer Netzpolitik und politischen Online-Kommunikation von Demokratien abweichen. Der Autor zeigt in einem makro-quantitativen Ländervergleich, dass es autokratischen Herrschern gelingt, das net in ökonomische Performanzstrategien zu integrieren, während die zivilgesellschaftliche Ermächtigung, auch aufgrund der Internetzensur, schwächer ausfällt als es optimistische Stimmen vermuten.

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