By Robert Adams, Ken Kelly

ISBN-10: 0451152298

ISBN-13: 9780451152299

Conflict to the demise! whilst Milo Morai, the timeless excessive Lord, and his Horseclans warriors stumbled on the tower ruins, they welcomed it because the ideal fort from which to carry off the packs of starving wolves longing for their blood. however the historic construction concealed a mystery way more harmful than both wolves or any human foe, for in its depths waited The Hunter - the penultimate made of genetic experimentation long past wild, one of many few descendants of a strong breed that had lengthy outlasted its human creators. The Hunter - who, with fang, claw, and blood-chilling pace could problem the timeless Lord himself to a conflict to the demise.

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His thin lips fluttered, and Milo suspected that the anus bunkered up between those porcine haunches must be spasming wildly. At last, the most uncivil civil servant burst out, repeating himself for the umpteenth time, “But but you simply cannot be Lieutenant Colonel Milo Moray. I don’t know who or what you are, but you absolutely cannot be him! It’s impossible, do you hear me? The doctors at Walter Reed say that you have the physical constitution of a twenty-five-year-old man, did you know that, whoever you are?

Harel,” he read. “His behavior, all of what I thought to be mere bluff and impressive bluster performed for simple shock effect. may well be in truth that of a really violent, incipiently dangerous man. So, although I’ve left the v-phone cable disconnected for the nonce, I’ve just placed some calls on my private, scrambled line to some folks back east; I want to know more about Harel, a great deal more, and in as much detail as possible. ” The next page in the binder began: “Just spoke with contacts in re the snow leopards.

I’ve put Juan and Joe to preparing a place for them and such other cats as we might later acquire or breed. “Everyone seems exhilarated over the prospect of changing our project over into another direction . . everyone except Harel, of course. The man is always either sullen and completely uncommunicative or livid, shouting, beating on inanimate objects, throwing things and stamping his big feet. When I refused to reconnect the v-phone at his order, he proceeded to go into a towering rage and smash and batter the set into so much plastic and metal junk, roaring that if he couldn’t use it, no one would.

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Clan of the Cats by Robert Adams, Ken Kelly

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