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Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–7): Sir Rudolph Peters
Chapter 2 Chemical features of the Carbon?Fluorine Bond (pages 9–32): B. C. Saunders
Chapter three The actual homes of the Carbon?Fluorine Bond (pages 33–54): A. G. Sharpe
Chapter four a few Metabolic elements of Fluoroacetate particularly on the topic of Fluorocitrate (pages 55–76): Sir Rudolph Peters
Chapter five influence of Fluoro Compounds on Metabolic keep watch over in mind Mitochondria (pages 77–93): E. Martin Gal
Chapter 6 Fluorine as a Substituent for Oxygen in organic platforms: Examples in Mammalian Membrane shipping and Glycosidase motion (pages 95–123): J. E. G. Barnett
Chapter 7 The Nucleotides of Fluorinated Pyrimidines and Their organic actions (pages 125–140): Charles Eidelberger
Chapter eight Fluoroamino Acids and Protein Synthesis (pages 141–167): L. Fowden
Chapter nine Synthesis and Reactivity of Fluorocarbohydrates (pages 169–213): P. W. Kent
Chapter 10 The Metabolism and Enzymology of Fluorocarbohydrates and similar Compounds (pages 214–238): N. F. Taylor
Chapter eleven Nuclear Magnetic Resonance reviews of Macromolecules with Fluorine Nuclei as Probes (pages 239–279): Raymond A. Dwek
Chapter 12 Chemistry of Fluorosteroids and Their Hormonal houses (pages 281–301): A. Wettstein
Chapter thirteen Biochemical results of Fluoroacetate Poisoning in Rat Liver (pages 303–333): P. Buffa, V. Guarriera?Bobyleva and that i. Pasquali?Ronchetti
Chapter 14 using Microorganisms within the examine of Fluorinated Compounds (pages 335–356): Peter Goldman
Chapter 15 medical and Pathological results of Fluoride Toxicity in Animals (pages 357–388): James L. Shupe
Chapter sixteen Chairman's Concluding comments (page 189): Sir Rudolph Peters

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We also found that the 2-fluoroethyl esters of some of the higher w-fluorocarboxylic acids had a greater toxicity than expected from a consideration solely of the hydrolysis products. Taylor: The increased toxicity might be connected with transport to a particular site. Saunders: Yes, that is the explanation we gave. We often find this in the phosphorofluoridate series : phosphorofluoroidic acid is non-toxic, but the esters (I) are toxic. /OR /OR O=P-OR O=P-F \F F' /OR O=P-OH F' I think that when there are two fluorine atoms in the phosphate molecule (11), one fluorine hydrolyses quickly to OH and the new molecule (III) does not then get through the plasma membrane.

STACEY and I. G. WILDING(1949) J. Chem. 773. SWARTS, F. (1896) Bull. Chim. BeZg. 15, 1134. Discussion Gdl: Is it likely that the inductive effects in P-fluoropropionic acid lower the bond energy of C-F enough to allow exchange of F for OH to occur in cold alkaline conditions? Saunders: The fluorobutyrates appear to have more stability. Could it be the loss of H F in much the same way as hydracrylic acid goes to acrylic acid so easily with the loss of water, whereas lactic acid does not behave in the same way?

And T. SAKAI(1971) Biochemistry 10, 3598. , S. ROZENand E. D. BERGMANN (1971) J. Org. Chem. 36,501. WEISSMAN, A. and B. K. KOE(1967) J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 155, 135-144. Carbon-Fluorine Compounds Chemistry, Biochemistry & Biological Activities KATHERINE ELLIOTT and JOANBIRCH Copyright 0 Ciba Foundation The physical properties of the carbon-fluorine bond A. G . SHARPE University Chemical Laborutory, Cambridge This paper deals with the fundamental physicochemical properties of compounds containing the C-F (carbon-fluorine) bond.

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