By Monte Cook, Weinlein Cook, Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb

ISBN-10: 158846864X

ISBN-13: 9781588468642

As with every anthology a few tales during this set have been higher than others. a few have been commonplace a few have been relatively stable. such a lot had fascinating characters and plenty of action.
The set additionally supplied a pleasant advent to the land of the Dimond Throne, the surroundings for Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed RPG.
My simply criticism (and it's a minor one) is that the authors appeared to imagine that the readers are conversant in environment and used races and/or monsters which are targeted to the realm. this can be effective, yet now and again i might have beloved to have a bit extra description of those races so one can understand how they differed from different fable mainstays (such as people, elves, dwarves, etc). yet this didn't remove from the tales that have been stress-free.

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Oh, it wasn’t that her soul was empty; it’s just that it held nothing that could cure a fever. She wondered whether anyone had that kind of power. She’d heard stories—from her father, of course—of people with magical power greater than that. But those people seemed far away. She wondered what would have happened if one of those people had been on hand when her mother lay sick in her own bed. 31 M O N T E C O O K Having produced no power to heal the sick, she opened her eyes. She saw now that Averil knelt beside her, his head atop the little boy’s body.

Mavish tried to call a town meeting. She told everyone that she’d had enough of Jynnie’s refusals and excuses. If they couldn’t get her to agree to do what they needed her to do, she proposed that they make Jynnie give the rune to someone else. And wasn’t Mavish’s daughter, Gealia Nauton, a fine choice? She was prettier and friendlier than Jynnie and would be willing to give any kind of help to anyone who asked. Fortunately, no one else in the village thought that was a good idea, and most figured it wasn’t even possible, to boot.

Nimble as a squirrel, its claws biting into the logs, a shriveled form clambered up the outside of the barrier. ” Frejam the shepherd barked, pointing with the pitchfork he was using as a weapon. “I can cast only so many spells,” Galen said. ” Frejam jabbed at the corpse’s upturned face. It lost its grip and fell. Moments later, several undead started up the palisade all at once. Galen conjured a clot of mud into his hand, hurled it, and knocked a corpse from its perch. He rattled off a second spell, and his fist tingled and glowed red.

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Children of the Rune: Tales From the Land of the Diamond Throne by Monte Cook, Weinlein Cook, Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb

by David

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