By Joel S. Miller (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841207275

ISBN-13: 9780841207271

ISBN-10: 0841208956

ISBN-13: 9780841208957

content material: Chemically converted surfaces in catalysis / David E. Bergbreiter --
training and characterization of poly(styrene-divinylbenzene)-supported catalysts / J.V. Minkiewicz, D. Milstein, J. Lieto, B.C. Gates, and R.L. Albright --
Polymeric cofactors for homogeneous rhodium(I) catalyzed alkene Hydrogenations / David E. Bergbreiter, Marian S. Bursten, Kaelyn cook dinner, and Gregory L. Parsons --
Reactive natural useful teams covalently sure on polymeric helps and good surfaces / S. Mazur, P. Jayalekshmy, J.T. Andersson, and T. Matusinovic --
Chemically converted carrying out polypyrrole movie electrodes / M. Salmón, A. Diaz, and J. Goitia --
Simulation of the cyclic voltammetric features of a moment order EC catalytic mechanism / Dennis M. Dimarco, Paul A. Forshey, and Theodore Kuwana --
Chemically derivatized semiconductor photoelectrodes / Mark S. Wrighton --
move of answer reactivity houses to electrode surfaces / Hector D. Abruna, Jeffrey M. Calvert, Peter Denisevich, Charles D. Ellis, Thomas J. Meyer, William R, Murphy, Jr., Royce R. Murray, Brian P. Sullivan, and Jerry L. Walsh --
Reductive chloride ion loss and electropolymerization concepts in getting ready metallopolymer motion pictures on electrode surfaces / J.M. Calvert, B.P. Sullivan, and T.J. Meyer --
Chemical amendment of TiO₂ surfaces with methylsilanes and characterization by means of IR absorption spectroscopy / Harry O. Finklea and R. Vithanage --
Electrochemistry of silane-derivatized iridium / C.A. Lundgren and C.E. Rice --
advancements in photoelectrochemical and electrochromic reactions at chemically changed electrodes / N.R. Armstrong, T. Mezza, C.L. Linkous, B. Thacker, T. Klofta, and R. Cieslinski --
Derivatized layered M(IV) phosphonates / Martin B. Dines, Peter M. Digiacomo, Kenneth P. Callahan, Peter C. Griffith, Robert H. Lane, and Ricci E. Cooksey --
Intercalation of molecular catalysts in layered silicates / T.J. Pinnavaia --
Selectivity points of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with supported iron clusters / François Hugues, Bernard Besson, Paul Bussiere, Jean-Alain Dalmon, Michel Leconte, Jean-Marie Basset, Yves Chauvin, and Dominique Commereuc --
Reactivity of catalysts derived from organometallics without delay deposited on helps / T.J. Thomas, Dennis A. Hucul, and Alan Brenner --
Silacrowns, a brand new category of immobilizable section move catalysts / Barry Arkles, William R. Peterson, Jr., and Kevin King.

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Washington 1976 1st. American Chemical Society. Advances in Chemistry sequence 152. Hardcover. 8vo, 156pp. , revealed fabric. Residue of backbone label, establishment stamps on fore-edges, quantity stamp at decrease margin of 1 web page. strong, no dj.

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