By Tony Kowalski

More and more, pharmaceutical scientists must never purely be experts of their box yet should also be accustomed to laws that governs using apparatus of their undefined. The rules of try out and measuring gear adjustments consistently as new laws are brought and new gear is built. Calibration within the Pharmaceutical Laboratory presents basic history on laboratory balances and precision scales, perception into mass measurements and linked mistakes, and precise details on key caliber concerns linked to weighing. Managers accountable for quality controls and QA will locate this ebook a useful device while starting up SOPs for balances and scales used in the course of the production and checking out technique.

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Since all moisture balances calculate the moisture content of a sample as being the total weight of all components lost by evaporation during a rapid heating process, the method cannot be considered as capable of providing an absolute value as would be given in the case of, say, a Karl Fischer analyser; therefore, moisture standards that are used to calibrate such instruments cannot be used to calibrate infrared moisture balances. Multireweighing or Backweighing Software for Moisture Determination Where the volume of samples is too great to use a moisture balance (which can analyse only one Introduction 19 sample at a time), most manufacturers have integrated software into their balances that will allow the storage of container weights and sample weights in a non-volatile memory.

According to the USP, the measurement uncertainty is calculated as three times the standard deviation. As the USP only states the measurement uncertainty for a minimum quantity, this calculation is a good approximation. Moreover, Section 41 stipulates that the minimum amounts weighed may not be less than Source: Dick Albrecht. Marketing Sales Communications News of Sartorius Weighing Technology, No. 6, September 2000, pp. 7-9. 1% of the reading of the minimum sample weight). Tare weights, such as vessels used for weighing samples, may not be added to the minimum sample weight.

This red visible light is seen only on certain types of infrared radiators. The next topic of contention is that of the drying temperature that the analyser will raise the sample to during the drying process. One manufacturer quotes 40 to 160°C, another 50 to 200°C; Wave Spectrum Infrared RadiolTV waves Microwaves 300 MHz Ultraviolet Visible light 3x105MHz 3x106MHz X-rays Gamma 3x10'' MHz Introduction 17 one unit quotes temperatures as high as 400°Cso which will dry the sample the quickest? Since the sample is dried by absorbing infrared energy, and energy is measured in watts or joules per second, how could it be possible to quote temperatures in degrees Celsius?

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