By Jayne Castle

ISBN-10: 0425208648

ISBN-13: 9780425208649

Cannot inform the adaptation from new. a hundred% pride assured.

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I just finished the Henderson job yesterday, and Sam and I signed our first joint client this morning. We start work on the project tomorrow. " Virginia ladled more punch into her cup. " Adeline shrugged. "Can't blame them. Duncan is a great catch. Good family, good connections. " Virginia dropped the ladle back into the bowl and took a hefty swallow of the punch. " "Yes. " Adeline raised her brows. "So, instead of a nice, safe marriage to good ol' Duncan, you're going to take a flyer on a two-year MC with a man you hardly know and who is a ghost-hunter to boot.

Whatever else he was, he was not a typical hunter. She glanced across the room to where her new combination fiance/business partner stood talking with one of the guests. Sam Gage didn't have to do any bragging, she thought wistfully. You knew just by looking at him that he could take care of himself and any ghost that happened along. She was pretty sure he'd be terrific in bed, too, but she was beginning to think she might never find out the truth of that for herself. "Oh, yeah, right," Adeline said.

He watched her peel away the brown paper. A small cardboard box was revealed. With a good deal more caution than she had exercised a moment ago, she raised the lid and gazed inside. "Well, well, well," she murmured. She sounded as cheerful as if she had just received a bouquet of flowers. Personally, he could think of a number of other things he would rather find on his doorstep first thing in the morning besides an illusion trap. But if the challenge of de-rezzing it lifted Virginia's spirits and gave her something else to think about besides calling off their marriage, he might be willing to overlook the prank.

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Bridal Jitters by Jayne Castle

by Richard

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