By Jo Clayton

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The Servant of Amortis has been watching me. ” The Women looked at each other, sighed. ” She eyed Kori with a skepticism born of long experience. ” “My brother Trago goes soon to take his turn with the herds in the high meadows, let me go with him instead of Kassery. The Servant and his acolytes don’t go there, the soldiers don’t go there, if I could stay up there until the Lot time, I would be out of his way and once it was Lot time, I’d be going down with the rest to face the Lot and after that, if the Lot passed me, it wouldn’t be long before it was time for my betrothing and then even he wouldn’t dare put his hands on me.

He was a big man and in the kind darkness had the athletic beauty that sculptors give to the statues of heroes; even in daylight he had the look of a hero if you didn’t look too closely for he was at that stage of ripeness that was also the first stage of decay. The night went on with its placidities and tensions intact; the Wounded Moon crawled, up over the mast and began sliding toward the heaving black water with its tracery of foam; the groaning song of the riddle rock grew loud enough to ride over the noises of the sea, the wind and the straining ship and creep into the fuddled mind of the blond hero who stirred uneasily and reached for the empty skin.

You’re sure? Maybe it was a bad dream. ” Trago wriggled away from her. “I said he put his hand on me, Kori. ” He pulled his sleeping shift away from his shoulder and let her see a hollow starburst, dark red like a birthmark; he’d had no mark there before, he was born unflawed, she’d bathed him as a babe, part of girls’ work in the Household of the Piyoloss clan. And she’d seen that brand before, seen it on the strong sunbrown shoulder of Zilos the woodworker when he’d left his shirt off on a hot summer day, sitting on the bench before his small house carving a doll’s head for her.

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Blue Magic (Drinker of Souls, Book 2) by Jo Clayton

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