By Eric S. Saltzman and William J. Cooper (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841212449

ISBN-13: 9780841212442

ISBN-10: 0841216126

ISBN-13: 9780841216129

content material: Biogenic sulfur emissions : a evaluate / Viney P. Aneja and William J. Cooper --
U.S. nationwide biogenic sulfur emissions stock / A. Guenther, B. Lamb, and H. Westberg --
Variability in biogenic sulfur emissions from Florida wetlands / David J. Cooper, William J. Cooper, William Z. de Mello, Eric S. Saltzman, and Rod G. Zika --
Synthesis and emission of hydrogen sulfide by means of greater crops / Heinz Rennenberg --
Sulfur emissions from roots of the rain wooded area tree Stryphnodendron excelsum : surroundings, group, and physiological implications / Bruce Haines, Marilyn Black, and Charlene Bayer --
beginning of hydrogen sulfide in freshwater sediments / D.A. Dunnette --
Sulfur biking in an experimentally acidified seepage lake / L.A. Baker, N.R. city, P.L. Brezonik, and L.A. Sherman --
Reactivity of sulfur nucleophiles towards halogenated natural compounds in average waters / Jack E. Barbash and Martin Reinhard --
Distribution of dimethyl sulfide within the oceans : a evaluation / William J. Cooper and Patricia A. Matrai --
Biogeochemical biking of dimethyl sulfide in marine environments / Stuart G. Wakeham and John W.H. Dacey --
Dimethyl sulfide creation in marine phytoplankton / Maureen D. Keller, Wendy ok. Bellows, and Robert R.L. Guillard --
Dimethyl sulfide and (dimethylsulfonio)propionate in ecu coastal and shelf waters / S.M. Turner, G. Malin, and P.S. Liss --
Microbial metabolism of dimethyl sulfide / Barrie F. Taylor and Ronald P. Kiene --
Metabolism of acrylate and 3-mercaptopropionate : decomposition items of (dimethylsulfonio)propionate in anoxic marine sediments / Ronald P. Kiene and Barrie F. Taylor --
Mechanistic reports of organosulfur (thiol) formation in coastal marine sediments / Appathurai Vairavamurthy and Kenneth Mopper --
decreased sulfur compounds within the marine setting : research via high-performance liquid chromatography / Russell D. Vetter, Patricia A. Matrai, Barbara Javor, and John O'Brien --
Enzymatic steps and dissimilatory sulfur metabolism via complete cells of anoxyphotobacteria / Ulrich Fischer --
Thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrogen sulfide in usual waters / Frank J. Millero and J. Peter Hershey --
Hydrogen sulfides in oxic seawater / Scott Elliott, Eric Lu, and F. Sherwood Rowland --
Dimethyl sulfide and hydrogen sulfide in marine air / Eric S. Saltzman and David J. Cooper --
Distribution of biogenic sulfur compounds within the distant Southern Hemisphere / H. Berresheim, M.O. Andreae, G.P. Ayers, and R.W. Gillett --
Sulfur isotope ratios : tracers of non-sea salt sulfate within the distant surroundings / Julie A. Calhoun and Timothy S. Bates --
automatic equipment for measuring hint degrees of sulfur dioxide utilizing translation reactions / Purnendu okay. Dasgupta, Liu Ping, Genfa Zhang, and Hoon Hwang --
Gas-phase atmospheric oxidation of biogenic sulfur compounds : a evaluation / John M.C. airplane --
OH-initiated oxidation of biogenic sulfur compounds : kinetics and mechanisms less than atmospheric stipulations / A.J. Hynes and P.H. Wine --
Mechanism of atmospheric oxidation of sulfur dioxide via hydroxyl radicals / Larry G. Anderson, Paul M. Gates, and Charles R. Nold --
Atmospheric reactions of CH₃S radicals / G.S. Tyndall and A.R. Ravishankara --
Mechanisms for the response of CH₃S with out₂ / Shiro Hatakeyama --
impression of halogen oxides on dimethyl sulfide oxidation within the marine surroundings / I. Barnes, K.H. Becker, D. Martin, P. Carlier, G. Mouvier, J.L. Jourdain, G. Laverdet, and G. Le Bras --
Fourier rework IR stories of the reactions of dimethyl sulfoxide with OH, NO₃, and Cl radicals / I. Barnes, V. Bastian, K.H. Becker, and D. Martin --
North Sea dimethyl sulfide emissions as a resource of history sulfate over Scandinavia : a version / Ian Fletcher --
The uptake of gases through liquid droplets : sulfur dioxide / James A. Gardner, Lyn R. Watson, Yusuf G. Adewuyi, Jane M. Van Doren, Paul Davidovits, Douglas R. Worsnop, Mark S. Zahniser, and Charles E. Kolb --
cost of response of methanesulfonic acid, dimethyl sulfoxide, and dimethyl sulfone with hydroxyl radical in aqueous answer / P J. Milne, Rod G. Zika, and Eric S. Saltzman --
Oxidation of biogenic sulfur compounds in aqueous media : kinetics and environmental implications / Yusuf G. Adewuyi.

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