By James D. Burrington, Douglas S. Clark

ISBN-10: 0841212430

ISBN-13: 9780841212435

ISBN-10: 0841216118

ISBN-13: 9780841216112

content material: Biocatalysis and biomimetics : new ideas for chemistry / James D. Burrington --
Biomedical technology and expertise : the interdisciplinary problem / Paul B. Weisz --
Interdisciplinary demanding situations : keep an eye on of angiogenesis / Judah Folkman and Paul B. Weisz --
Crystallography and site-directed mutagenesis of 2 isomerases / Thomas C. Alber, Robert C. Davenport, Jr., Gregory ok. Farber, D. Ann Giammona, Arthur M. Glasfeld, William D. Horrocks, Masaharu Kanaoka, Elias Lolis, Gregory A. Petsko, Dagmar Ringe, and Gerard Tiraby --
Computer-automated series review of peptides : software to the examine of snake venom toxicity / Gilles Klopman and Ruben E. Venegas --
program of simulation and concept to biocatalysis and biomimetics / Adel M. Naylor and William A. Goddard, III --
Enzymatic reactions in reversed micelles at low solubilized water concentrations / J.W. protect, H.D. Ferguson, K.K. Gleason, and T.A. Hatton --
Enzyme constitution and serve as in water-restricted environments : electron paramagnetic resonance stories in natural solvents and opposite micelles / Douglas S. Clark, Louise Creagh, Paul Skerker, Mark Guinn, John Prausnitz, and Harvey Blanch --
Hydroxylation of C₂, C₃, and cyclo-C₆ hydrocarbons by way of manganese porphyrin and nonporphyrin catalysts / Richard H. Fish, Raymond H. Fong, Robert T. fee, John B. Vincent, and George Christou --
Biomimetic catalytic oxidation of lignin version compounds / Robert DiCosimo and Hsiao-Chiung Szabo --
Zeolite catalysts as enzyme mimics : towards silicon-based existence? / Norman Herron --
Immobilization of proteins and enzymes onto functionalized polypropylene surfaces through a gaseous plasma amendment approach / R. Sipehia, J. Daka, A.S. Chawla, and T.M.S. Chang.

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LAnger, R. Linhardt, C. Haudenschild and S. Taylor, Science 221, 719-725, 1983; R. Crum, S. Szabo and J. E. A. Madri and J. Folkman, Endocrinol. 119, 1768-1775, 1986; J. E. Ingber, Ann. Surg. 206, 374-384, 1987; J. Folkman, Cancer Res. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1989. 32 (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) BIOCATALYSIS A N D BIOMIMETICS U. Lindahl, M. Backstrom, I. Jacobsson, J. Riesenfeld, A. Malstrum, L. S. Feingole, Fed. Proc. Laurent, A.

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