By Herbert D. Peckham

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Type in 20. What did the computer print out? 3. Now type 120 LET C = A-B Display the program. If you execute the program and at the first question mark (INPUT prompt) type in 30 for A and the second prompt type in 12 for B, what will the computer type out? Try it and record what was typed out. What arithmetic operation is done with the - in line 120? 34 BASIC: A Hands-on Method 4. Type 120 LET C « A*B Display the program. Now execute the program and type in 5 for A and 6 for B when the INPUT prompts (question marks) come up.

20 BASIC: A Hands-on Method 25. Probably you expected some message from the computer that it was signing off. The reason you didn't get this message was that the computer was still at line 100 in the program we entered, waiting for a number to be typed in. When you typed in the sign-off command, the computer didn't recognize this as a number and gave you the response you recorded above. The problem is that we are "hung up" in a loop. If we type in a number, the computer will go through the program, loop right back and wait for another number to be typed in.

Since you will generally be using only one computer this needn't cause difficulty. Simply learn the method for your computer, and after a few terminal sessions the details will become automatic. 24 BASIC: A Hands-on Method It might be interesting for you to examine the different methods for signing on and off computers that are summarized in Appendix A. You will see that while there is substantial agreement, there are enough differences to prevent common rules. Requirements For BASIC Programs Several important facts about BASIC programs have been demonstrated.

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