By Greg Cox

ISBN-10: 0671001175

ISBN-13: 9780671001179

Gary Seven returns to the USS "Enterprise" the place he subdues the bridge workforce and disappears with Kirk. They materialize on an icy planet the place the govt is at the verge of being overthrown. Seven has introduced Kirk there to avoid the coup yet Kirk isn't really confident that interference is so as.

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A. Acknowledgements Thanks to Art Wallace and Gene Roddenberry for making "Assignment Earth" one of my favorite episodes of the original Star Trek series, not to mention Robert Lansing and Teri Garr and, of course, Isis. Thanks also to John Ordover, for letting me bring all these characters back; to Sumi Lee, for Russian profanities; to Patrick Nielsen Hayden, for going to amazing lengths to install a balky ditto drive; to Howard Weinstein for beating me to the punch with a Gary Seven comic book; to Tor Books, for letting me make a graceful exit (of a sort); and, most of all, to Karen, for hours of careful reading and contemplation.

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Seven glanced at the stars streaking past on the viewer. He seemed unimpressed. "I'm sure your mist sion is very important, Captain, but the danger I've detected has to take pAority. " "Listen, Seven," Kirk said, anger coloring his voice. "I've- had quite enough of your high-and-mighty, all- knowing pronouncements. I'll give your warning serious consideration; you've earned that much for your benevolent efforts in th e past. But right now there are thousands of lives at risk on a planet several lightyears away.

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