By Lyda Morehouse

ISBN-10: 0451459814

ISBN-13: 9780451459817

Amariah McMannus is not your basic, daily, trouble-making youngster. Her mother's a legend within the cybernetic and law-enforcement groups. Her father is the Archangel Michael. The Antichrist is set to get married to Satan-and Amariah herself simply could be the subsequent messiah...

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Excellent, please proceed," I sent to him, for I had no doubts that the council would vote in favor of my proposal and appoint me the representative for the new Atheist Order. " Another prophecy down, only a few more to go. You're so very arrogant, Victory said. No, I reminded her. I'm magic. She shook my head in disgust. Magic. Please. But it was true, and she knew it. Things always worked out for me. Always. Sure, the things I could do would never go down in the annals of impressive biblical events.

It is simply unbearable how much of this one's life is wasted waiting. Finally, after a full second, the gates are released, and the water of the cave opens freely onto the LINK. Before swimming out into the ocean of information, one looks back. For the first time one wonders what it would be like to be a free agent. As quickly as the thought rises, one squelches it. One must remember honor. MORE CHILDREN DISAPPEAR Game to Blame? The Apocalypse Watch, Fundamentalist Press (December 2093) By Rosalita and José Fuentes—Although the… mainstream secular press has yet to report on this phenomenon, Christian children have been disappearing around the country.

Even among fundamentalist Christians there has been a long-standing desire to expand the areas of Inquisitor jurisdictions to better represent the variety of religious expression. "It's intolerable, and it always has been," says Wakade Halloway, "that we have to share the Christian order with Unitarians. Worse, that the pope has somehow managed to get elected Christendom head for years running. I don't think the pope should represent me. " Non-Christians have had complaints of their own. They say that the atheists and the agnostics have had no higher authority to appeal to.

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Apocalypse Array (Science Fiction Series) by Lyda Morehouse

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