By Harry G. Brittain

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Even if the legit compendia outline a drug substance as to identification, purity, power, and caliber, they quite often don't supply different actual or chemical info, nor do they record equipment of synthesis or pathways of actual or organic degradation and metabolism. Such info is scattered during the clinical literature and the documents of pharmaceutical laboratories. Edited by means of the affiliate Director of Analytical study and improvement for the yank organization of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Analytical Profiles of Drug ingredients and Excipients brings this data jointly into one resource. The scope of the sequence has lately been extended to incorporate profiles of excipient fabrics.

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An oven temperature of about 1 18°C and a nitrogen carrier flow rate of 45 mlimin. were used. ) at 5"C/min. for the separation of 20 substances (including benzoic acid) in cologne [30]. A HP-5871 mass selective detector was used. Supelco Inc. 32 mm; 1 pm film) for the analysis of 25 semi-volatile acids, including benzoic acid [3 I]). , helium carrier gas at 35 mWmin, and a MS detector. 34 G U N A W A N INDRAYANTO ETAL. 3 GUNAWAN INDRAYANTO ETAL. 6 mm column and a variable wave length UV/VIS detector was recommended [32].

A. Sioufi and F. Pommier, J. Chrom. 181, 161 (1980). 43 K. D. C. T. W. Nicholls, Anal. , 221, 297 (1994). 44. com. 45. University of California, MSDS System page 1, http://www. htm1. 46. htrnl. 47. J. Nishijo and I. Yonetani, J. Pharm. , 71, 354 (1982). 48. K. S. Pang, Drug Metab. Disp,, 23, 255 (1994). 49. A. Rougier, C . I. Maibach, J. Pharrn. , 76, 451 (1 987). 50. D. J. D. Marrow, Clin. Pharmacol. , 57, 441 (1995). 46 GUNAWAN INDRAYANTO ET AL. 51. J. J. McCarthy, J. Clin. Pharm. , 12, 107 (1 987).

Reflectance ultraviolet absorption spectrum of benzoic acid spotted on a silica gel F254 pre-coated plate. 4000 3000 - 2000 1000 Energy (cm-’) Figure 6. Infrared absorption spectrum of benzoic acid, obtained in KBr pellet. 400 19 BENZOIC ACID Table 3 Assignment for the Characteristic Infrared Absorption Bands of Benzoic Acid Energy (cm-') Band Assignment 3300-2500 Bonded -OH stretching mode 1687 Carbonyl -C=O stretching mode 2000- 1667,708,667 Overtone bands of mono-substituted benzene ring 806,708 Out of plane C-H bending mode 685 Out of plane C-H (benzene ring) bending mode ~ ~ ~~ GUNAWAN lNDRAYANT0 ET AL.

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