By Rosalind Fergusson

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Abbreviations take place in each element of our day-by-day lives. a few became phrases of their personal correct, like radar and laser, and plenty of are nearly by no means utilized in their complete shape (phone, MOT, DVD). Others, like cf., ibid. and viz., are usually obvious yet fewer and less people recognize what they stand for. millions extra belong to professional jargon, understood through insiders - TLAs (three-letter acronyms) resembling WAN or WAP and different acronyms similar to NIMBY and BOGOF. This new ebook offers motives for over 8,000 entries, and covers the whole diversity of topic components together with legislation, computing, aviation, politics and drugs, in addition to chemical symbols and txt msgs. From GDP to WHO and CPR to IMHO, this publication offers you the which means of each abbreviation you ever questioned approximately.

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TRANSPORT carload 2. MEASUREMENTS centilitre 3. ) Cl CHEMICAL ELEMENTS chlorine cl. 1. class 2. classification 3. RELIGION clergy 4. FURNITURE closet 5. TEXTILES cloth class. 1. ARTS classic 2. ARTS classical 3. classification 4. classified cld STOCK EXCHANGE called CLI TELECOMMUNICATIONS calling line identification Cllr PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Councillor clm ARCHITECTURE column CLM ONLINE career limiting move (used in e-mails) CLNP COMPUTING connectionless network protocol CLS COMPUTING a system command to clear the screen.

Cresc. MUSIC crescendo CREST /krest/ FINANCE the Central Securities Depository for the UK and Ireland criminol. criminology crit. 1. ARTS critic 2. MEDICINE critical 3. ARTS criticism CR/LF COMPUTING a special code, character or key that causes the cursor to move down and to the beginning of a new line. Full form carriage return/line feed CRM BUSINESS 1. customer relationship management 2. customer relations management CRNA MEDICINE certified registered nurse anaesthetist CRO 1. PHYSICS cathode-ray oscilloscope 2.

PRESS correspondent cos MATHEMATICS cosine COS 1. FREIGHT cash on shipment 2. uk ONLINE UK commercial organization CORE CORGI Corn. corp. Corp. corr. uk is seen at the end of Internet addresses, preceded by a dot. com in their own right). couldn’t / kυd(ə)nt/ could not could’ve / kυd(ə)v/ could have cov STATISTICS covariance Coy. MILITARY company CP 1. PRESS Canadian Press 2. GEOGRAPHY Cape Province 3. couldn’t could’ve cov Coy. COMPUTING card punch 4. chat post (another term for a message board) 5.

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