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It is worth noting that Rousseau's way of framing the question about the best society, as a question about what kind of political system people would assent to, is a definitive feature of his thought. This is the case because he Political society 29 defined a good society precisely as the one that, given the power to choose, people would agree to be part of. This is important for what is does not say as much as for what it does because it means that what makes a political system good is not, for example, that it encourages its citizens to be moral, or pious, or some such thing.

One must know what a healthy human being is in order to infer what is good for it, for the medicine appropriate to the sick can be poison to the healthy, and vice versa. The knowledge of what is appropriate to a healthy person must necessarily be based on conjecture, because the healthy person is itself a matter of conjecture given that everyone is sick in one way or another. Rousseau feared that the method of Grotius would justify under the term natural law all the abuses of corrupt governments.

He argues that if Rousseau had been explicit about his historical intentions then, because his theory is incompatible with the story of human history in the Bible, he would have put himself at risk of censorship or other punishment. One of Rousseau's own comments seemed to hint in this direction, albeit obliquely. 'Religion commands us to believe that since God Himself drew Men out of the state of Nature immediately after the creation, they are unequal because he wanted them to be so; but it does not forbid us to form conjectures...

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Algèbres d'observables associées aux relations de commutation by Alain Guichardet

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