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Supplies clinical scholars 500 questions, solutions, and causes to organize for the biochemistry and genetics sections of the USMLE Step 1. the recent variation comprises many new questions within the two-step medical layout to simulate the USMLE Step 1.

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Mammalian mRNA undergoes minimal modification during its maturation 49. Studies of the genetic code in bacteria have revealed that a. b. c. d. Messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules specify only one polypeptide chain Many triplets can be “nonsense” triplets No signal exists to indicate the end of one codon and the beginning of another The nucleotide on the 5′ end of a triplet has the least specificity for an amino acid e. qxd 42 11/14/01 10:37 AM Page 42 Biochemistry and Genetics 50. Which one of the following binds to specific nucleotide sequences that are upstream of the start site of transcription?

31. The answer is e. (Murray, pp 412–434. Scriver, pp 3–45. Sack, pp 3–29. ) The major effects of radiation are to damage cellular DNA by opening purine rings and rupturing phosphodiester bonds. qxd 11/14/01 10:36 AM Page 35 DNA Structure, Replication, and Repair Answers 35 of DNA methylation, such as methotrexate (an inhibitor of folic acid), were the first anticancer drugs. Experimental gene therapies for cancer include the inhibition of oncogene expression and the enhancement of tumor suppressor gene activity.

E. qxd 44 11/14/01 10:37 AM Page 44 Biochemistry and Genetics 58. How many high-energy phosphate-bond equivalents are utilized in the process of activation of amino acids for protein synthesis? a. b. c. d. e. Zero One Two Three Four 59. The hydrolytic step leading to the release of a polypeptide chain from a ribosome is catalyzed by a. b. c. d. e. Stop codons Peptidyl transferase Release factors Dissociation of ribosomes UAA 60. The function of signal recognition particles is to a. b. c. d. e. Cleave signal sequences Detect cytosolic proteins Direct the signal sequences to ribosomes Bind ribosomes to endoplasmic reticulum Bind mRNA to ribosomes 61.

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