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Actual Ingredients 5. Important States Withania somnifera Dunaf Solanaceae 300-400 kg roots/ha + 50-75 kg seeds/ha Withaferin, Anaferin, Tropine and many othe! Alkaloides and Steriodes Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan Advances in Medicinal Plants 44 6. Cultural Practices i) Varieties/Types/Clones released/identified ii)Propagation methods and planting time iii) Fertiliser doges iv) Irrigation schedule iv) Diseases, pests and their control 7. 8. 9. 10. Biochemical analysis (Active ingredients) Post Harvest Management Cost of cultivation (Cost: benefit ratio) Internal consumption export potential 11.

Post Harvest Management 12. Internal consumption & export potential 53 broad sinus. Flowerl' small, yellow or greenish yellow, appearing when the plant is leafles~ Drupes ovoid, glossy, succulent, red Seed curved. The Plant is sometimes c:ultivated as ornamental & propagated by cuttings. The plant is used in general debilities, dyspepsia, fever & urinary disease. The leaves are good as fodder for cattle and rich in proteins and fairly in calcium and phosphorous. A decoction of the leaves is used for the treatment of gout.

1300 ha 88200 t UP, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra Banarasi, Chakaiya, Francis, Kanchan, Krishna, Balwant, NA-6, NA-7, NA-9, Anand-2 and B5-1. Moditied ring, patch and shield budding as well as soft wood grafting. June to August 1000 gm N, 500 gm PP2 and 750 gm ~O per plant/year. The fertiliser should be given in two split doses viz. Se~ and April-May. Irrigation to young plantation at 10 days interval during the summer. To fruit bearing plantations, first irrigation should be given just after manuring and fertilisation and then at 15 days intervals after fruit set (April) till onset of monsoon.

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