By Patricia White

ISBN-10: 0759902836

ISBN-13: 9780759902831

Jane Murdock does not think in magic, wizards, or the other issues arcane, yet that does not cease her from operating afoul a wizard and feeling the total brunt of the previous adage: Hell hath no fury like a wizard scorned. Will, an untried wizard, is barely attempting to take wizard-order brides again to his domestic international while he, too, unearths hassle can put on a stunning face. the difficulty might be very undesirable, for him and the brides, specifically while the beautiful face belongs to the evil, love-struck wizard Cordelia, who has been scorned through unicorn rancher, Max Farrel. Cursed and compelled to wander the worlds as a superb silvery-eyed cat, Sojourner was a guy and a wizard, yet he can by no means regain his human form until eventually he reveals That Which used to be misplaced.

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The stinging switch struck them both. Cordelia's cold, mocking laughter and anything but fond farewell were ringing in her ears when Jane, and the young man sprawled on top of her, did some existence popping on their own. It was not an illusion. Sojourner looked deep, caught a single glimpse of a woman's face and ice ran through his veins, froze him in place, stole his breath. She was all fire, black fire, shot with green, to his seeing, and he longed for her as he never longed for another human.

Finally the name came to him, bringing with it a whole chattering flock of questions, each demanding an instant answer. "Ms. Murdock? How did you get here? Where are the others? Is Maggie, I mean, are the brides all right? " Watching her face, seeing, only too clearly the mixture of anger and fear that were warring within her, he stopped, swiped his fingers through his messy hair, trying to push it into some sort of order, and giving himself a moment to think. "Listen, Will," she said, interrupting his confused thinking and his ineffectual grooming, "we have to get out of here.

Within her purse, Jane's hand dug frantically, discarded item after item, and, when she had almost given up hope, found one of the cylinders of pepper spray. Now she was armed, and if her anger was any gauge, very, very dangerous. She pulled the can from her purse, trigger finger at the ready. "That's far enough," Jane said, unconsciously assuming what could best be described as a gun- fighter's stance: feet slightly apart, knees bent, eyes narrow, the business end of the spray aimed straight at his bewhiskered face.

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