By Robert Alter

ISBN-10: 0465041248

ISBN-13: 9780465041244

"A Lion for romance is a version of serious biography—a attention-grabbing biography of a desirable man." (Larry McMurty Washington Star)

"The ebook of A Lion for romance, via Robert adjust with the collaboration of his spouse, Carol Cosman, offers finally an excellent, perceptive, concise severe biography of Stendhal, written with a readability and reliable experience beneficial of its subject...Alter and Cosman...wear their erudition with changing into lightness." (John Simon New Leader)

"This very good brief biography...brings out either the charms and the complexities of Stendhal. The tone of the ebook is discreetly admiring, yet ironic adequate while want be to remind one of many saving and consummate irony of its subject." (John Sturrock long island occasions e-book Review)

"A Lion for romance is a greatest instance of a unprecedented and tough serious style: a biography which chronicles and translates improvement of a personality of complicated imaginitive genius, and even as introduces a lucid serious interpreting of his works." (Julia Epstein Washington put up publication World)

"[An] very good and balanced biography." (Anita Brookner occasions Literary complement)

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Z z ) , he had become a m a ture writer with a distinctive voice. Till the age of thirteen, H enri was educated at home b�· tutors, in accordance with his father's determined r egi me of isolation. � · given instruction in the home of the Pcriers, the richest family of the district. ( Stcndhal wou l d assign the same snobbery to 1\1 . de Renal in Lc Rouge ct lc N oir. ) \ Vhat little is known about the Ahhe Raillane's work as an educator outside the Bcvlc home docs not readily . corroborate this image of him as a mo ra l l�· destructive scoundreJ,fl but he was 6.

After his wife's funeral, Cherubin Beyle had his son's bed moved into his own bedroom, hardly the gesture of an uncaring father; and whether out of guilt or devotion or a mingling of the two, he kept Henriette Gag­ non's room closed as a kind of perpetual shrine. (Stendhal tries to under­ cut the seriousness of Cherubin's long years of mourning for his wife by weaving around him conj ectures of amorous involvements, most strategi­ cally with Aunt Seraphic, the younger sister of Henri's mother, who was Cherubin 's chief minister in instituting a grim reign of piet�· in the house­ hold; but there is scant evidence to support the conjectures.

Before long, the Bcylcs would be hiding fugitive priests in their home, and Henri's revulsion from their gluttonous eating habits, their appall ing com­ monness, perfectly expresses the conj unction in him, even at this early age, of passionate republican principles and a thoroughly aristocratic sensi­ bility. The overthrow and execution of the king seem to have encouraged the boy's dreams of rebel lion against the parental regime, and he began to act on them, both directly and by subterfuge. The news that Louis XVI had been guill otined on January 2 1 , 179 3 , produced in the boy what he would unabashedlv .

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