By Jo Clayton

ISBN-10: 0886773466

ISBN-13: 9780886773465

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Maksim stared at him until he backed off a few steps. “Don’t touch me again,” he said quietly. Vechakek’s face went rigid and darkened across the cheek bones, but the Henerman couldn’t quite work up the nerve to come at a man who was rumored to have few equals in power and none above him but the gods themselves. Then the anger washed out of his face and Vechakek was smiling, his pale blue eyes swimming with malice; he knew some thing. Something was going to happen, something which Maksim wouldn’t like, no, not at all, which Vechakek planned to sit back and enjoy.

She spread her hands flat on the desk, frowned at them.. “Which is a digression . . I’m explaining too much. It’s not needed. More than that, it’s probably counterproductive. You are to go to the Old Man’s Mountain across the bay. You are to find a sufficiently quiet and secluded place. You are to fast and meditate for three days. Do nothing. Accept what comes to you. Forget nothing. You won’t understand most of it now, you don’t know enough about the world or yourself. ” She straightened her back, looking past Korimenei.

Her mind drifted to yesterday. . ## Shahntien Shere sat behind her desk and frowned at Korimenei. She was a tall woman, thin, her abundant gray hair dressed in a soft knot at the nape of a long neck. She wore a simple white dress with close fitting sleeves and a high soft collar, over that an unadorned sleeveless robe of heavy black silk. It was her customary dress, effectively elegant, underlining her authority without making too oppressive a point of it. Abruptly, unexpectedly, she smiled, her dark eyes narrowing into inverted echoes of her mouth.

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