By Barnette D.W.

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This text discusses a few equipment of describing and relating mathematical gadgets and of regularly and unambiguously signaling the logical constitution of mathematical arguments.

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The unplugged cable is noticed and restored in time for cue 14, but, since the receiving device never saw cue 13, it now runs cue 13 instead of 14, which would be the correct cue. The system is now off until some correction is made. Data integrity is extremely important in relative systems, because if data is lost, the controlled system will be in error. If a relative system loses power, when power comes back up, the system must first re-initialize, find a predefined starting point, and then figure out where to go 22 Part 1 • An Introduction from there.

Time Based There are two types of time-based triggering or synchronization. In one approach, all elements, including human performers, are synchronized by some connection to a master clock. Alternatively, two or more types of time-based “linear” media (audio recording, video clip, or such) can be synchronized to each other (or to a separate master clock) on an ongoing basis. A time-based system is less forgiving of human performers. If, for example, an audio clip rolls at one minute into the show and the explosion effects were triggered at 14 minutes and 35 seconds into every performance, the performer would be out of luck if his performance varied much.

In show business, storytelling has always been our job, and modern entertainment technology provides a powerful set of storytelling tools which now extend beyond the traditional performing arts and include a wide array of venues and types of shows: corporate events, concerts, mega churches, cruise ships, museums, and so on. These powerful tools, however, come with the cost of increased complexity. In the early 1980s, lighting control systems could be relatively straightforward and easy to understand.

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